Steve Clarke is an Independent British Environmental Scientist, Geographer & Author.  He had experience of environmental practice in the waste industry and then was a consultant and program manager for major consulting firms in the UK, USA and Europe.  He is known for his focused, useful and comprehensible solutions to environmental problems, and for providing concise, uncomplicated reports and mentoring.  He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 2003.  He is also a Certified Environmental Specialist in USA, and was elected Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health in 2009.  His experience includes international experience throughout Europe, North America and the Middle East.  Steve has worked extensively with the University of Cambridge, many commercial organisations, and the UK Office for Nuclear Regulation, for whom he was environmental impact assessment advisor for 10 years.  He has worked with many organisations in industry, land use, rural environmental affairs, planning and local government, food, transport, military land management, and service industries, including small businesses. He has experience as Expert Witness in environmental and waste management cases.


Steve Clarke
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